Local Arrangements Committee



Jean Gayon (Co-Chair)
Philippe Huneman (Co-Chair)
Paul Luu (Agropolis)
Bernard Hubert (Agropolis)
Brigitte Cabantous (Agropolis)
Isabelle Olivieri (Montpellier II)
Pascal Nouvel (Montpellier III)
Francesca Merlin (IHPST)
Antonine Nicoglou (IHPST)


Griffiths, Paul, Local arrangements co-chair
Ankeny, Rachel, Local arrangements co-chair

The Local Arrangements Committee is usually chaired by a representative of the site hosting the next meeting. This committee is charged with overseeing all local arrangements for the ISHPSSB meeting, including the following: the reservation of meeting rooms, coordination of preregistration and registration, making any needed transportation or parking arrangements, providing appropriate coffee breaks during the meeting, making arrangements for any receptions and the banquet, insuring the availability of appropriate audiovisual equipment, coordinating arrangements for a book display, coordinating accommodations and meals as necessary, and insuring site accessibility.

The local hosts will be working with the Program Chair, the Secretary, the Treasurer, and the President to coordinate various duties such as preregistration and registration. The local hosts will coordinate with the Program Chair in assignment of rooms for sessions, coffee break and reception times, etc. Discussion needs to occur as to who is responsible for printing the meeting program and booklet of abstracts (and shipping to the site, if needed); this has been done in different ways in the past.

1997 Report of Local Arrangements Committee

Keith Benson, Chair: Problems with having a meeting at a state university include the fact that faulty have little control over room assignments and that such lack of control led to rescheduling of room assignments from a single building to buildings spread over campus with coffee breaks and the book exhibit in yet a different building. The local arrangements chair need to be advised of needs for number of meeting rooms at least one year in advance of the meeting. Registration with credit card by e-mail proved to be the easiest way for local arrangements to handle registration.

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