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Membership is open to all interested persons. Regular fees are currently US$ 25 per year, while graduate students qualify for a reduced fee of US$ 7.50 per year.

New Members and Renewals

Note that a few years ago ISHPSSB has changed the way that it processes memberships: To join the Society, to renew membership or to update contact information, please visit our membership page at

If you experience any problems, please contact the secretary.

Alternatively, to pay by check:

Please contact the secretary if more details about membership are necessary.

Membership Benefits

The benefits of membership include:

* Subscriptions to these journals are for the private use of that individual which is an accredited Society member; are received at the private address of that individual, and are not placed in a library nor in any way used to substitute for an existing or potential library (full) subscription.

Members are reminded that online versions of some of these journals are also available: Your institution may already have registered to make online access available to you.

When paying through PayPal, please provide a shipping address where you would like to receive your journals.

Donations to the ISHPSSB

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