The Society keeps a physical archive, which the archivist Pamela Henson takes care of. In addition, the Society has started to build up a web archive on this site.

If you have material available that is not represented here, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Some of the Past Meetings documentation, for instance, is missing, although there is more material awaiting inclusion in this website. Currently we have four different kinds of webarchive boxes: the Newsletter archive, the List-serv archive, the Past Meetings archive and the Operations archive.

Newsletter Archive

All available newsletters, in PDF and webpage format, are available on the News page.

These have been ported here from various HTML formats, from previous incarnations of this website. The layout may therefore be variable, and for example internal (and external, of course) hyperlinks may have broken.

Listserv News Archive

A full archive of the monthly distributed listserv announcements (but without index), 1997–present and separated by month, is available here. This archive includes both official ISHPSSB announcements and shorter versions of unofficial announcements from other organizations and individuals.

Alternatively, that archive can be searched for words and substrings (like ‘chem’ matching both ‘alchemy’ and ‘biochemical’), in either only post titles or full post, and optionally narrowed by before/after dates and by post author name. Your mileage may vary, as unmaintained hyperlinks will break over time, especially for event websites.

Past Meetings Archive 

Programmes and abstracts of past meetings as available.

Operations Archive

A currently still rather mixed bag of information related to the operations of the society (e.g. a list of past meetings and officers, some accepted motions, older committee reports) on our operations page.