We will never ask you for your password. If anybody does, they are impostors.

We will strive to keep all your personal details safe, and inform you as soon as possible in case of any breach of their security.

Membership emails

The Society occasionally informs its members by email: Twice-yearly newsletter (Spring and Fall), plus infrequent occasional messages on general Society matters that typically cannot wait for the next newsletter (for example: voting instructions and results for the election of council members, changes in deadlines for submissions, ... ). Of these only the newsletters get published on the Society's website.

Both members and non-members can subscribe and unsubscribe to the more frequent ISHPSSB Listserv message list.

Beyond the above general messages, you will receive emails relating to your personal membership: Two before (once around 4weeks and once around 2weeks before the end of your membership) and one just after your membership expires. If you do not renew your membership, we will contact you at least once more unless we know you have decided not to renew your membership.

Data privacy

In order to receive general membership emails, you will receive an opt-in email (at the moment from MailChimp, our membership email administrator).

In order to administer your membership effectively, the Society may share your data with data processor suppliers who adhere to a strict data security policy. At the moment: your email address and Member Class is used by MailChimp for membership email distribution.

The Society will not share your personal data with any other outside parties with the following exception: We can confirm the present membership status of individuals, should a third party ask us to verify this in view of extending a benefit to our members. At the moment, Springer Publishing is the only such third party (in view of offering reduced subscription rates to Members). Our Members will be informed of such possible third-party queries before they can happen. Other information, such as contact details, cannot be disclosed to third parties.

The website ishpssb.org only uses session cookies (that get deleted at the end of your visit) and stores access data only as needed for the website to function safely and consistently; it doesn't use any tracking cookies or similar.