The Interdisciplinary Organized Session Prize was originally proposed by the Membership Development Committee as a way to motivate the organization of more interdisciplinary sessions and increase the representation of and interactions with historical and social studies of biology at our meetings. The prize consists of a certificate and was for the first time awarded at our 2019 meeting in Oslo.

The Interdisciplinary Organized Session Prize is awarded to the organizer and all participants of an organized session that cohesively combines researchers or methodologies from several of the ISHPSSB disciplines. Sessions considered for the prize are those that convey a genuinely interdisciplinary character that conspicuously includes history or sociology of science and technology.

The Interdisciplinary Organized Session Prize is adjudicated by a committee struck by the Membership Development Committee, with assistance from the Program Committee. Depending on the specifics of the conference submission system, sessions can typically self-nominate as ‘interdisciplinary.’ Based on the session abstracts, the Adjudication Committee selects and announces a list of finalist sessions. Upon visiting the finalist sessions during the ISHPSSB meeting, the Adjudication Committee decides on the session that is awarded the Interdisciplinary Organized Session Prize.


For the available prize citations, click on the name of the recipient.

YearWinnersSession title
2023 Marina DiMarco, Kyra Hoerr, and Aja Watkins Biological sex: Explanans and explananda
2021 Rebecca Jackson, Kärin Nickelsen, Jutta Schickore, Caterina Schürch, and Merlin Wassermann “Your genitals don’t lie!” An escorted encounter with the history and philosophy of phallic and cervical measuring
2019 Jan Baedke, Tatjana Buklijas, Heather Dron, Melissa Graboyes, Laurent Loison, and Birgit Nemec The concept of the environment in biology: Historical, philosophical, and sociological perspectives