Relevant ByLaws


The President represents The Society, presides at all business meetings of The Society, the Executive Committee and The Council, and appoints all committees, including the Nominating Committee. The term of office of President shall be two years without eligibility for re-election.


The President assumes his or her duties after the General Business meeting of an ISHPSSB conference.

Duties include:

  • Preside over Society, Executive Committee, and Council
  • Appoint committee members
    • Members of the Nominations Committee must be approved by the Council.
  • Write a semi-annual report to be published in the Society Newsletter
  • Call a Council Meeting every year
  • Call a General Business Meeting at the Conference
  • Solicit reports from officers and committee chairs before the meeting
  • Prepare agendas for Council meetings and general meetings
  • Convenes email meetings/consulatioans as needed
  • Check in regularly with President-Elect

See the Newsletter archive for President’s Reports