Relevant ByLaws


The Treasurer is responsible for financial affairs of The Society, including filing all necessary forms and reports with the Internal Revenue Service. The Treasurer shall serve a term of two years and is eligible for re-election.


  • Collect all fees and payments
  • Track transaction, processing, and service fees
  • Balance Society accounts
  • Create an annual report on Society's financial status
  • Review meeting proposal budgets and meeting services contracts
  • Coordinate membership services and dues payment with Secretary


2015 Treasurer's Report:

The Society has substantial financial reserves at this point, (as of July 1: USD 137,685.) Meetings continue to be the main source of revenue, although membership registration and donations are also important. We also benefit from the 7 Societies NSF grant, which funds many of graduate student travel awards, and we are especially grateful for a generous donation from the Konrad Lorenz Institute to the Callebaut prize fund. Our primary expenditure is funding student travel, spending USD 33,170 on travel awards for ISHPSSB 2013 in Montpelier and for an off-year workshop.


Recent Financial Statements