The Editorial Board is responsible for all content produced by the ISHPSSB, in particular this website, the bi-annual Newsletter, and the mailing list (List-serv).


  • the Secretary (elected) of the Society,
  • the Publication Committee chair (as long as the committee exists, otherwise past/present president or the president-elect),
  • the webmaster/web editor (volunteer, nominated by council),
  • the Newsletter editor (volunteer, nominated by council),
  • the List-serv moderator (volunteer, nominated by council).

Editors actively take care of what content should be included and solicit this content from respective people. Each of the editors reports however to the Secretary, who is the ultimate arbiter of ISHPSSB content. The Secretary can appoint further committee chairs as editors for specific content of the webpage.


2015 Editorial Board Report

by Maria Kronfeldner


The Editorial board was suggested as part of the activities of the communications committee during the 2013-15 cycle. The main motivation was: There have been volunteers helping the secretary before too, but their work was not properly acknowledged at the webpage or anywhere else. Furthermore, the idea was that making the responsibilities explicit helps in keeping the operations in order.

Members: During the 2013-15 cycle, the editorial board included the following three volunteers: Carlos Mariscal (Webmaster), Trevor Pearce (Listserv editor), David Suarez (Newsletter editor). Anya Plutynski was part of it as secretary and Maria Kronfeldner as communications (aka publications) committee chair.