The Travel Support Committee is chaired by the Treasurer. This committee is charged with administering travel support for ISHPSSB meetings. This includes advertising travel support to ISHPSSB members, collecting and reviewing applications for support, making award decisions, disbursing funds, and maintaining accurate records of these proceedings.

Relevant Bylaws

The Council of The Society shall have the authority, but is not required, to expend funds to or for the benefit of worthy and needy students for the purpose of assisting such students in meeting the costs of transportation, meals, and lodging in attending the educational and scientific activities conducted by the Corporation, provided that such expenditures remain an insubstantial portion of the Corporation's budget. In addition to the provisions of Article XI above, the Corporation shall in no way discriminate against any student in the expenditure of such funds because the student is not a Member of The Society.

Graduate Student Travel Policy

Adopted 2002

In general, ISHPSSB endorses a graduate student travel policy that provides at least partial funding for all eligible graduate students, rather than full funding for only a few graduate students. To implement this policy, the following criteria should be considered in making travel awards.

  1. The first priority is to fund students presenting papers at the biennial conference or participating in ISHPSSB governance.
  2. The second priority is to provide funding for students who have never received previous funding.
  3. The third priority is to provide funding for students who did not receive funding at the previous ISHPSSB meeting.

The exact amount of funding provided by ISHPSSB, recognizing that the Society cannot provide complete funding for all graduate students, shall be calculated by the ISHPSSB treasurer with the following criteria as guidelines.

  • total amount of ISHPSSB funding available
  • relative cost of travel from home to site of meeting
  • ability of participant to provide additional resources for travel (allowance for distinctive differences in standards of living)

Additionally, all graduate students will be expected to supplement the travel award at a comparable level regardless of funding provided by ISHPSSB. Thus, if travel costs and awards from Europe to the conference site are $750, while travel costs and awards from the US are $450, the students in both cases will be expected to bear an equivalent share of the additional expenses (for example, if additional expenses amount to $150, in both cases the students will be expected to assume those charges).

2015 Student Travel Report:

Members 2013-2015:
Laura Perini, Chair
Linnda Caporeal
Lynn Chiu
Rachel Brown

The Travel Committee’s main responsibility is to manage travel grants for graduate students presenting at ISHPSSB meetings. For the 2015 Montreal conference, we received 85 applications, and made 76 award offers. The amount of the awards vary, depending on travel expenses and other institutional support a student will receive. For the 2015 conference, the maximum award is USD 1000, with an average of $282. The expenses for the 2015 awards will be offset somewhat by the 8 Societies NSF grant, which will fund students who are US citizens or enrolled in US institutions.